Shotguns & Explosives


The shortest range main weapons on the map, shotguns are perfect for closequarters bloody combat. Packing enough power to often one-hit or two-hit kill an opponent, they are fantastic for fighting in buildings and tight corridors or small streets and surprising enemies around corners. The biggest disadvantage a shotgun has is it’s normally abysmal range (seriously, anything much further than knifing distance will barely be tickled by your shots) and for this reason we advise you to stick to the walls and stay indoors instead of even attempting to take this weapon to a mid to long-range firefight.

However, a shotgun can be a perfect weapon when it comes to short-range closequarters combat maps as you will usually be able to kill an enemy before they even have time to raise their weapon. Both automatic shotguns and single-shot shotguns are available and the preference really comes down to your playing preference. Single-shot shotguns are more often used by professional gamers who have the aiming skill to almost invariably get one-shot kills, but if you feel your aim is lacking somewhat, then an automatic shotgun can be an extremely versatile companion. Seriously though, if you have a shotgun, stay the hell away from any open space or you will find yourself rapidly mown-down by anyone with a sniper, automatic or single shot-rifle or SMG.


The biggest damage weapons available, a launcher is often used primarily as an anti-vehicle weapon and is irreplaceable in taking down enemy killstreak vehicles such as helicopters and drones. Although usually of little use as a main anti-personnel weapon against other players, launchers can occasionally be useful in ‘flushing out’ a camping sniper as they can cause splash damage to the entire area they are hiding in, and are very useful for ‘emptying’ structures where large groups of enemies are ‘holed up’. In many team games, it is essential that at least one player has a decent setup involving a launcher which can be switched to if any powerful enemy scorestreaks are activated.


Possibly the most underrated weapon in the game, and indeed in any game, grenades are the key to almost any professional gamer’s arsenal. Whether lethal or nonlethal, grenades are the most versatile piece of equipment usable as they can be used to either kill or incapacitate enemies encamped in any position (specifically snipers) and can be used to clear corridors or stun enemies in short range battles.

If you’re alive for more than a few minutes and haven’t used all of your grenades, the odds are you’re doing something wrong.