Multiplayer Tips

Playlists are what Call of Duty developers call game modes for Multiplayer. This includes online and split screen multiplayer game modes. The playlists may change throughout the game’s life. A DLC specific playlist is usually added when a new DLC pack is released. Different playlists can offer a variety of necessary skills and allow you to train for different styles of gameplay. Many users make the mistake of sticking only to one gamestyle (*cough* TDM *cough*) which gives them a rather one-dimensional style of play. And frankly, they’re missing out on a lot of fun from the other playlists too!

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch (also known as TDM) is a Multiplayer Playlist that’s just as it sounds. Two teams of six players face each other. The first team to earn 75 kills collectively will win the match. If no team can earn the 75 kills by the end of the 10 minute time limit, the team with the highest score will win. Easily the most popular game mode online and where the majority of players hone their skills.

Free For All

Free-For-All (or FFA) is a core deathmatch. Every player for his or herself. Eight players face each other to the death. The first player to reach 30 Points / Kills wins the match. If nobody reaches the score limit at the end of the 10 minute time limit, the player with the most points wins. Without a doubt the best game-mode for practising solo-play, especially for certain gamestyles such as snipers…


Domination is a team objective playlist where teams of six players fight for control over three flags in two five minute rounds. All three flags are neutral at the start of the game. One flag is usually in or near each team’s base, while the third flag is in the middle of the map. It takes 10 seconds to capture a flag alone. The more players on the flag, the faster it captures.

Each flag your team holds will add one point to the team’s score every five seconds. The second round will have the teams switch sides, and neutralize all flags. All rules will be the same, and the points from the first round will carry over. The first team to get 200 points, or the team with the most points at the end of the two rounds, wins the game.

The most popular non-deathmatch gamemode, domination offers some really interesting gameplay dynamics in protection and attack of specific map locations as you will be able to know with a certainty where enemies will be congregating or attempting to reach. An ideal gamemode for encouraging tactical thinking, as those who stay near and protect their teams locations will often rack up far more kills than people just randomly running around the map.

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is a team objective playlist. Two teams of six players face each other in a Team Deathmatch like setting. A player must kill the opposing players and collect their dog tags to score a point for their team (Kill Confirmed).

Likewise, the enemy team can take their fallen teammate’s dog tag to prevent the team from scoring a point (Kill Denied). The first team to reach 100 points before the ten minute time limit will win the match. Some may think you can camp near a dog tag to score more kills to anyone who tries to pick it up.

This may be true on smaller fast paced maps, but dog tags will disappear after a few seconds of nobody collecting them. Kill Confirmed is the favorite playlist for wanting to rank up quickly. As long as you go for the dog tags, you’ll receive points for both getting kills, and collecting tags.