More Multiplayer Tips

Search and Destroy

Search & Destroy is a team objective Playlist. This may be the most popular objective game mode in all of Call of Duty.

Two teams of six players fight over two bomb sites. One team defends and one team attacks. After three rounds, the teams switch sides. The first team to win three out of the four rounds will win the game. Each round is 2:30 minutes long for the attacking team to plant a bomb, but here’s the tough part: nobody on either team can respawn once killed.

Many rounds end by eliminating the other team instead of destroying a bomb site. Search & Destroy is arguably the most strategic game mode in Call of Duty. Competitive gamers take it to the next level by learning useful grenade-throwing spots, rushing routes, and places on the map that are best for defending the objective. They often use headsets to listen for players defusing the bomb, as it makes a particular noise while it is being defused.


Blitz Mode is a new multiplayer game mode introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It holds similar traits and attributes to the previous Call of Duty game mode Capture the Flag, however Blitz Mode substitutes proximity for retrieval

Like Capture the Flag, the map will contain enemy zones. In these enemy zones will sit a certain goal area, highlighted on the HUD/Mini-Map. The aim of this game mode is to fight your way into enemy territory and touch the opponent’s goal before being killed. Touching the opponent’s goal scores a point for your team and begins a cool-down period. Teammates who touch the enemy position within this cool down will increase the team score and gain extra points. Thus, teams may linger in hostile territory, scoring points again and again so long as they can hold territory around a goal. Once you score a point by touching the enemies’ goal you will be teleported back to your own goal, requiring you and your team mates to fight back to the enemy goal point again to continue to capture points.


Cranked is another new game mode introduced for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game type is similar to Team Deathmatch, with two teams competing to earn kills to increase their team score. However in Cranked, whenever a player gets a kill, they earn a “Cranked” bonus. This “Cranked” bonus provides them with increased movement speed, increased reload speed, and faster ADS (Aim Down Scope). Upon getting the bonus, the player is given a 30 second timer to get another kill in. After each kill or assist the player earns the timer will reset back to the maximum of 30 seconds. Failure to get a kill or assist within the given time limit will result in the player exploding and dying.

This game mode is not suggested for players who do not have great accuracy or game awareness. This game mode is very fast paced, with no room for errors. Benefits however to this game mode include the lack of dreaded CAMPERS, due to the 30 second kill countdown, players cannot afford to camp in this game.

Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue is a take on Search & Destroy. Two teams of six players fight over two bomb sites, One defending and one attacking, first team to win three of the four 2:30 minute matches win. In addition to the original Search and Destroy game mode, Search and Rescue offers the new addition of player revival. Rather than having a single life per round like in standard Search and Destroy, in Search & Rescue your team can revive you once you have died.

On the players death they will drop a dog tag, similar to in Kill Confirmed. If a fellow team player collects your dropped dog tag, you will be revived. Therefore, Search and Rescue combines both the necessary teamwork and communication required in the two individual game matches Kill Confirmed with the objective-based cooperation of Search & Destroy